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Ph.D. Tomislav Radic
Tomislav Radic



National scientific projects:

  1. „Arbuscular mycorrhiza potential to modify grapevine defence against viruses, MYCO GRAPE“, Croatian Science Fundation IP-2020-02-8397, 2021-2025, project leader, http://myco-grape.krs.hr/
  2. „Assessment of drought tolerance of Croatian grapevine germplasm (TOLVIN)“, Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy (KK., European Fund for Regional development, 2020-2023, project associate, http://tolvin.krs.hr/
  3. „Pathogenic potential of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus-3 and its interaction with grapevine hosts“, Croatian Science Fundation (9622), 2019-2022, project associate, http://grape-path3.krs.hr/
  4. „Wild vine root symbionts – an important factor in the adaptation of this rare and endangered species“, Croatian Ministry of Science and Education, bilateral cooperation Croatia – Slovenia, 2016-2017, project leader,
  5. „The wild grape (Vitis vinifera subsp. sylvestris): a valuable source of genes for grape breeding“, Croatian Science Fundation (9737), 2015-2018, project associate, http://wigragene.krs.hr/
  6. „Indigenous arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the grapevines from karstic soils“, Unity through knowledge Fund, Croatia, 2009-2011, project leader, http://www.krs.hr/projekti/amfungi/
  7. „Pathogens elimination from the citrus and grapevine by the methods in vitro“, Croatian Ministry of Science and Education, 2008-2013, project leader, http://Pathogen_Elimination
  8. „Structure and physiology of the microbial communities along the frontal zones of the northern Adriatic“, Croatian Ministry of Science and Education, 2007, project associate,
  9. Croatian national monitoring program “Systematic research of the Adriatic Sea as a basis for sustainable development of the Republic of Croatia“ (project „Jadran“), Government of the Republic of Croatia, 1998-2007, project associate,
  10. „Mechanism of long-term changes in the Adriatic ecosystem“, Croatian Ministry of Science and Education, 2002-2006, project associate,
  11. „Processes of the formation and transformation of the organic matter in the Adriatic“, Croatian Ministry of Science and Education, 1998-2002, project associate.

International scientific projects:

  1. „Researchers’ night – Techno-Past Techno-Future“, MSCA-NIGHT-2018 Horizon 2020, leading institution Croatian Ministry of Science and Education, 2018-2019, project associate,
  2. „ARIMNet2, Coordination of Agricultural Research in the Mediterranean“, FP7-ERANET-2013-RTD, leading institution: INRA France; 2014-2017, project associate, http://www.arimnet2.net/
  3. „Researchers’ night“, Horizon 2020, leading institution Društvo znanost.org, 2014, project associate,
  4. „Conservation of wild grapevine (Vitis vinifera subsp. sylvestris) in Bosnia and Herzegovina“, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF), 2013-2014, project associate, http://www.krs.hr/projekti/cwgbih/
  5. „Locating the Wild Grapevine Along the River Banks of Krka, Croatia“, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF), 2013, project associate, http://www.krs.hr/projekti/lwgak/
  6. „Strigolactones: biological roles and applications“, COST FA1206, 2012-2016, Management Committee member, https://www.costFA1206
  7. „MYCARBIO – Mycorrhizae impact on biodiversity and C-balance of grassland ecosystems under changing climate“, Belgian Federal Public Planning Service – Belgian Science Policy , 2008, temporary project associate,
  8. „Realization of an integrated monitoring system of the quality of Adriatic Sea, with particular regard to eutrophication and mucilages phenomena”, Adriatic CROSS Border INTERREG III A, EU, 2005-2007, project associate,
  9. „CREICO (Cooperative Research on Ecological Interactions in the Coastal Ocean) – Mechanism of Mucilage Formation in the Northern Adriatic Sea: A component of CREICO“, National Science Foundation, USA and Croatian Ministry of Science and Education, 2003, project associate,
  10. „Processi di formazione delle mucillagini nell’Adriatico e Tirreno (MAT)“, Ministry of environment and teritory defence of the Republic of Italy, 1999-2003, project associate.

Other projects:

  1. „Fertilization optimization in industrial tomato cultivation using mycorrhizal fungi“, Agricultural Research Council, Croatian Ministry of Agriculture, leading institution Institute for agriculture and tourism Poreč, 2016-2018, project associate,
  2. „Technology transfer infrastructure in the Croatian Adriatic region – TTAdria“ IPA IIIc, leading institution University of Split, 2013-2015, project associate,
  3. „Adriatic Model Forest (AMF)“, IPA Adriatic CBC 2007-2013, leading institution Croatian Forestry Institute, 2013-2015, project associate,
  4. „Microbiology contribution to the development of sustainable agriculture“, Split-Dalmatian County, 2010-2012, project leader,
  5. Project of setting-up laboratory for soil microbiology, Split-Dalmatian County, 2009, project leader,
  6. „Rovinj Green Agenda” of the “Green Istria” civil association in partnership with the Dutch Foundation “MilieukontaktOost-Europa”, the Program for Social Transformation of Central and Eastern Europe (MATRA) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, 2003, project associate – volounteer,
  7. „Investigation of possible siltation and eutrophication of the wider waters due to sludge disposal from the port of Plomin“, Plomin Holding, 1999, project associate.